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Overcome Infertility -- What is 3 Main Organs In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

As we mentioned in previous article, unlike conventional treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treat each patient as a unique entity and believe a tiny microscopical change in the endocrine system can disrupt the entire mind-body complex, thereby, the treatment is focus in the underline causes of the diseases, including hormone imbalance and immunity causes of infertility. In this article, we will discuss what is 3 main organs effected fertility in traditional Chinese medicine.

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A. Kidney
I. Definition
The kidneys are paired organs in our body. Besides maintaining the production of urine and urinary secretion, it also responsible for a number of other homoeostatic functions including re-absorption of glucose, amino acids, and production of hormones.

II. How kidney qi effects fertility
A. Kidney jing
Kidney jing is defined as a fluid like base substance which form the material basis for production of kidney qi. Beside helping to control the growth of bones, teeth, hair, brain development and sexual maturation in the childhood, it also plays an important role in regulating the reproductive function such as fertility and normal development into adulthood.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, conception and pregnancy are regulated and controlled by kidney jing. weakening of kidney jing causes infertility, miscarriage and other reproductive problems.

B. Kidney qi deficiency
1. In men
a) Kidney yang deficiency
Kidney yang deficiency is defined as a imbalance of qi with abundant of yin, leading to abnormal function in urinary secretion and problem of reproductive system including erectile dysfunction and sexual libido. Symptoms of kidney yang deficiency also includes feeling cold, fatigue, loss of energy,etc. Since kidney plays an important role in sperm productive, deficiency of kidney yang decreases the quality of sperm.
b) Kidney yin deficiency
Kidney yin is also called primordial yin, true yin or true water. It's function is to keep our body cool and moist. Deficiency of kidney yin causes kidney stone, scanty urinary, dry mouth and loss of body fluid, leading to low quality of sperm production as resulting in increasing heat in the testes,

2. In women
a) Kidney yang deficiency
Since kidney plays an important role in regulating the women reproductive organs. Deficiency of yang may be caused by hormone imbalance or eating habit, thyroid diseases etc. resulting in prolonged menstrual cycle, pale appearance, frequent urine, low back pain, etc. and leading to abnormal hormone production in glands that interferes with normal fertility.

b) Kidney yin deficiency
As opposite to kidney yang deficiency, it is caused by over abundant of heat and fire in the body that red face appearance, dizziness, insomnia and abnormal menstrual cycle including light discharge with red and no clot as resulting of irregular blood flow in the body. It also distorts the reproductive hormone secretion including thick and sticky cervical mucus which is hostile to sperm invasion.

According to Chinese medicine, a couple are required to have a healthy kidney jing and a balance of kidney qi to conceive.

B. Liver
I. Definition
The liver is a vital organ in our body. Its functions are to help in detoxification, carbohydrate, fat and protein synthesis, and production of biochemicals necessary for digestion.

II. How liver qi effects infertility
Liver blood stagnation or congestive liver is caused by over working liver and toxins accumulation in the liver as resulting of unhealthy diet such as excessive alcohol consumption, coffee, environment toxins and xenoestrogen leading to liver clogged up and sluggish function
1. Nervous tension
Liver plays an important role in fat and protein metabolism and maintaining the secretion of certain hormones in the body. Congestive liver fails to do that, resulting in increasing tension of nervous system including depression, anxiety leading to abnormal hormone secretion causing infertility.

2. Menstrual Disorder
As we know liver is vital in essential fatty acid metabolism, thereby helping in regulating the production certain hormone during menstrual cycle such as estrogen. Blood stagnation in liver distorts the normal hormone secretion procedure leading to abnormal menstrual cycle and causing infertility.

3. Irregular cells growth
Since liver is vital for helping immune system in fighting against forming of free radicals and foreign bacteria and virus, sluggish liver caused by blood stagnation decreases the immune functions as mentioned above leading to irregular cells growth including endometrial adhesion and implants.

4. Circulatory system
Sluggish liver causes insulin build up in the blood stream as resulting of liver inability in regulating the insulin production of pancreas leading to abnormal menstrual cycle and increasing the risk of infertility.

C. Spleen

I. Definition

The humans' spleen also known as pancreas in western medicine is defined as an organ located in the abdomen of the body. It helps to
1. Remove and destroy the old, aged red blood cells.
2. Synthesize antibodies in the white pulp, and
3. Remove antibody-coated bacteria and blood cells from the circulation system.

II. How spleen function effects male infertility in traditional Chinese medicine

1. Liver
Liver has directed influentially in spleen function, without strong liver there is no treatment for spleen blockade and deficiency, leading to abnormal implantation of egg in the uterus lining.

2. Nutritional deficiency
Since spleen helps to transform carbohydrate synthesizing from the the liver to energy and distribute the nutrients to our body needs. Malfunction of spleen disrupts these processes, leading to nutrients deficiency and fatigue, dizziness and emotional stress.

3. Diabetes and blood flow
According to traditional Chinese medicine spleen plays an important role in providing our body qi through insulin secretion. Malfunction of spleen causes abnormal secreting of insulin disrupting the qi flow, causing blood stagnation in the liver and spleen and leading to diabetes and obstruction of blood flow to the abdominal region.

4. Luteal phase
The traditional Chinese medicine view spleen as important organ in helping the pituitary gland in secreting hormone after ovulation. In order to support the egg to be fertilized by the sperm, the luteal phase must be at least 10 days long. Deficiency of spleen obstruct the luteal phrase leading to deficiency.

5. Digestion and elimination
Spleen is view as the organ of digestion ( nutrients distribution ) and elimination ( eliminating the body waste ). Deficiency of spleen causes digestive disorder and toxins accumulation in the body, effecting the liver function and obstructing the normal menstrual cycle leading to infertility.

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